Aircraft Maintenance

The aircraft will be added to Air Charter Scotland Ltd’s Civil Aviation Authority approved Maintenance Programme and maintained to the highest possible standards. Air Charter Scotland will provide full CAMO (Continuous Airworthiness Management Organisation) support.

We will co-ordinate and supervise the scheduled and unscheduled maintenance inputs.  As part of the service our team will check and approve all invoices received from the maintenance repair organisation, before being passed over to the Owner for approval.

Aircraft engineering is a critical part of managing our fleet. We follow the most stringent maintenance procedures in private aviation. The history of each aircraft is documented in meticulous detail on our systems and integrated with bespoke service and maintenance programmes. Our engineering teams receive specialised training from every aircraft manufacturer we represent and conform to all the latest safety and compliance regulations.

Our team oversees the upkeep of aircraft interiors and paintwork, ensuring your jet looks and feels luxurious at all times. Our team will also advise on refurbishment, whenever required. New carpets, upholstery, and updated entertainment systems are just some of the projects we have managed for our clients.

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