Continuing Airworthiness Manager

Job Title: Continuing Airworthiness Manager

Closing Date: 13 November 2020

Location: East Kilbride, Glasgow

Salary: Competitive with benefits

Contract Type: Full - time

Your main responsibility as the Airworthiness Manager is to ensure airworthy state of the aircraft managed by Air Charter Scotland Ltd. You will report to the Accountable Manager from regulatory point of view.

You will directly supervise the CAMO personnel in the organisation and coordinate with the airworthiness tasks as defined in the CAME to develop and Control Technical Services within the company, whilst offering advice and support to other departments as required.



  • Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree in Engineering (aviation) or equivalent through experience;
  • Minimum 3 years of relevant experience;
  • Minimum of 5 years of relevant management experience.



  • ICT literate (specific aviation software such as Leon, CAMP or similar)
  • Knowing and understanding the procedures & processes (operational, quality, safety,…) installed by the company
  • High level communication skills
  • Budgeting and commercially aware


Key Responsibilities

  • Ensure compliance with the conditions and restrictions of the AOC, with the applicable regulations and procedures (ie: EASA Part M, Part CAMO etc)
  • Maintenance control of Company Aircraft and Liaison with various Part 145 facilities
  • Ensure the Certificate of Airworthiness and ARC’s remain valid for the Fleet
  • Creation, management and presentation of the long-term fleet maintenance plan.
  • Management and Control of the aircraft Maintenance Programmes
  • Ensuring all applicable AD’s and Operational directives are captured and applied within the prescribed period.
  • Capture and review of all Non-mandatory airworthiness data as issued by the Type Certificate/Supplemental Type Certificate Holder(s) for their Aircraft, engine and equipment, implementing action plans as required
  • Ensure that the mass and balance statement reflect the current status of the aircraft
  • Review and support action of Service Bulletins and other OEM advisory documentation with recommendations to embody on operator aircraft
  • Monitoring of NAA Publications for updates that affect fleet airworthiness and operational reliability
  • Develop and enhance processes and procedures to ensure and improve aircraft availability and system reliability
  • Responsible for the production of Aircraft and Engine Reliability reporting.
  • Management and Control of Maintenance Tracking Programmes for the managed aircraft.
  • Liaison with the aircraft, engine and equipment manufacturers regarding continuing airworthiness matters
  • Liaison with Company operations and Aircrew
  • Other areas of technical services as required
  • Coordinate (Plan) scheduled maintenance, the application of AD’s, the replacement of service life limited parts and component inspections to ensure the work is carried out to an approved standard.
  • Maintain Continuing airworthiness Records in accordance with Part M.


  • Continuing Airworthiness Management Form 4 holder
  • Preferably hold a relevant Aeronautical qualification such as Part 66 Licence, degree equivalent
  • Working knowledge and understanding of Aircraft maintenance management
  • Experience of EASA Part M and Part 145 requirements
  • Line Maintenance Control Experience
  • Strong negotiating skills at a senior level
  • Experience working with Aviation authorities and other Regulatory agencies
  • Budgetary awareness
  • Demonstrated leadership and management skills and ability to work as part of an integrated management team


  • Excellent written and oral communication skills along with analytical problem-solving skills and computer proficiency skills are essential
  • Advanced ability to problem-solve and react positively to all types of difficult situations
  • Good communicator and an excellent motivator and team orientated person

How to Apply

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